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Join our team!

Florida Veterinary Advisors is a national financial planning firm in the U.S. with a vision to educate and empower veterinarians so they gain clarity, confidence, control, and contentment within their finances.

There are 3 principles that we embrace; radical transparency, radical openness, and setting clear expectations.

We are looking for someone who desires to be on a team that provides an environment for them to grow and an open architecture where they can comfortably express their thoughts and opinions.

The purpose for this person’s role is to be the connecting piece between veterinarians who need direction and advisors that can provide that direction. Ultimately, providing one of the most critical components to veterinarians seeking financial freedom.

Available Positions:

Marketing and Administrative
Full-time, 40 hours a week, 9 am to 5 pm
Hourly and Bonuses

Phase 1 Duties (Today)

  • Work at a computer daily
  • Track communications, events, information, and data through Excel
  • Create, post, and engage on social media through Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Promote webinars, in-person presentations, events, podcast releases, and content through email, mailers, and social media
  • Work with compliance to get events, presentations, invites, and other materials approved for events
  • Follow up with attendees after webinars and in-person presentations
  • Work with us to enhance our processes and make them your own
  • Sort, rename, and file documents
  • Speak with clients and key relationships by phone and email

Phase 2 Duties (After 90 days)

  • Design images for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Prepare and submit applications
  • Help with coordinating events

Preferred Skills and Qualities

  • High attention to details
  • Good with a computer
  • Great email etiquette and professionalism
  • Self motivated and excited to work independently
  • Proficient in Word and Excel
  • Basic knowledge in PowerPoint
  • Willingness to communicate concerns with team
  • Eager and quick to learn new things
  • Marketing experience**

** Not required and some education is suggested to understand marketing online.

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