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Reducing stress for Veterinarians by giving
the next step in their financial plan.

Many veterinarians struggle with where to start in their financial plan.

Florida Veterinary Advisors’ easy planning process helps you make confident decisions and take the next step to knowing where you want to go.

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Practice Owners

Bruce, a veterinary practice owner of 20 years, is starting to think about leaving his practice at some point but is unsure of when is the right time to sell.

He is looking for the right professional to help him coordinate a retirement income plan and the sale of his practice so he knows what to do next to prepare. He wants to enjoy the same lifestyle through retirement and not regret selling his practice.

Test Your Business Financial IQ

Associate and Corporate Veterinarians

Alexa, who’s been an associate for 7 years, has made financial decisions since graduating without knowing the full impact of those decisions on her long term financial security.

She would really love someone to review her entire financial picture and give her simple steps to take that will help ensure an optimal financial position and a secure future that she feels worry free about.

Watch the 5 Foundational Steps to Financial Balance

Veterinary Students

Sarah, a newly graduated veterinarian student, is unsure where to start in her financial plan and she wants to be impactful with her new income.

She needs someone that can give her a step-by-step easy to follow plan that shows her exactly what she needs to do next. She wants security in knowing that she’s doing all she can to be financially independent and never worry about her financial situation now or in the future.

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Take the next step in your finances!

Step 1

Schedule a Virtual Meeting
1 hour complimentary consultation so we can listen and get to know you.

Step 2:

Review the Health of Your Financial Plan
Lets discuss how you’ve planned up to now, help you dream about why you want to plan, and get a thumbnail snapshot of your overall finances.

Step 3:

Discuss Expectations and Next Steps
After discussing your finances, we will talk about what is needed from you to get started and the fees to work together.

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What You Will Experience

Perfectly Organized Finances

The only way to make optimal financial decisions is to see your full financial picture. You will get hand on support from your own financial assistant who will help get all your finances together. 

Step-By-Step Plan

You will walk away with actionable steps that are simple and easy to follow. The goal is to make sure that you have full clarity on where you're going and what to expect in your future.


You choose how involved we should be within your planning. This means we can stand beside you or help guide you through all your life decisions.