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Financial Management for Relief Veterinarians

Challenges that we see most Relief Veterinarians experience:

  • Not sure how to pay themselves with a fluctuating income
  • Struggle with knowing how to prioritize financial decisions
  • Reacting to life where everything seems urgent and important
  • They don’t write down their Reasons for Planning (RFPs) and review them often
  • Financial lives look like the junk drawer in the kitchen
  • No strategy to pay off debt or save money for emergencies and opportunities
  • No structure on how to save money for their future
  • Not aware of the risks and impact those risks can have in their life
  • No plan on how to get income from all the money they saved for retirement

What we do:

Meet to Learn About Your Plan and Help You Dream

You might have a plan that needs to be adjusted. Maybe you don’t have a plan. We spend time to talk about what steps you have taken, organize your thoughts on what you truly want to accomplish, and lay out the next steps for us to work together.

Work with a Personal Financial Assistant to Organize Your Personal Finances

Your finances might look like the junk drawer in your kitchen. How do you make efficient financial decisions when all the pieces of your personal finances live in different places? You will receive one-on-one time with a financial assistant to organize all your finances into one spot.

Review and Adjust to Protect the Risks in Your Personal Finances

As you save money and build up assets while going about your daily life, many risks are present. Often you might find there are risks that you didn’t even know about or how a specific risk could cause you to retire later than you want. We review the purpose for particular insurances, documents, and how to take that step to get you fully protected from most unknowns.

Build a Systematic Savings Plan With a Fluctuating Income

We are told to save money. What we are not told is how to save money efficiently. You might be someone who struggles with keeping enough cash for emergencies and opportunities in life. You could be saving for the future, but that plan focuses on one or two different spots with no intent to spread risk and taxes. The focus during our meetings is to set up a structure that provides for your everyday life, such as an emergency fund, and make savings for your future something you do not have to think about.

Find an Investment and Asset Building Strategy that Aligns with Your Plan

You probably invest money now. Have you taken a close look at the amount of risk you’re taking to earn the returns or growth on your investments? There are a few key investment philosophies, and each one has a different approach. We will educate you on the investment approaches and implement a plan to balance the risk with other assets.

Proactively Review and Adjust

The past is the past, and we want to stay current with what happened. You are always thinking ahead and planning things out for tomorrow. As we review things with you, it’s essential to discuss what you want to do and see what we can do to adjust your plan. A good plan has a plan when nothing goes according to plan.

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