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Current and Aspiring Practice Owners

Challenges that we see most Practice Owners experience:

  • Not sure how to start planning to protect, grow, and eventually sell the practice on their terms.
  • Reacting each day to different financial decisions
  • Relying on the future sale of the veterinary practice for retirement with no clarity on what income they can expect throughout retirement
  • Making decisions in the veterinary practice without knowing how that impacts them personally
  • Professionals giving opinions and expertise without seeing the bigger picture

What we do:

Meet to Learn About Your Practice, The Plan, and Help You Dream

Practice owners often struggle with knowing what they want from their practice. You spend so much time, money, and invest your life into building a successful practice. How does all that work together when you want to get out of the practice and work on other hobbies or work on your own terms? We spend time to talk about what steps you have taken, organize your thoughts on what you truly want to accomplish, and lay out the next steps for us to work together.

Work with a Personal Financial Assistant to Organize Your Practice and Personal Finances

Your finances might look like the junk drawer in your veterinary practice. How do you make efficient financial decisions when all the pieces of your practice and personal finances live in different places? You will receive one-on-one time with a financial assistant to organize all your finances into one spot.

Review and Adjust to Protect the Risks in Your Practice and Personal Finances

As you build up assets, grow your veterinary practice, and go about your daily life, many risks are present. Often you might find risks that you didn’t even know about or how a specific risk impacted your ability to grow and sell the practice. We touch on the purpose for particular insurances, documents, and how to take that step to get you fully protected from most unknowns.

Structure and Implement a Plan on How to Get Your Practice to Save for You

You might find that the practice checking, or savings account, has a lot of cash building up inside. Most people’s initial reaction is to pay off personal debt or maybe expand the practice. Your practice should not be the source of your wealth for retirement but the main contributor to building up your wealth. Inside your practice, there exists dead cash and new practice profits. We want to help you clarify what should stay in practice, what should be taken personally, and how the practice value can be increased the right way.

Determine How You Want to Eventually Sell Your Practice

You got into veterinary medicine to practice excellent medicine. What is your plan to get out of the practice in the future? Many wait until the last moment because they are burnt out, but the longer you wait, the fewer options there are. When we can plan these things in advance, you can decide how you want to leave on your own terms.

Review How You’re Engaging and Growing the Practice through Your Team

Have you considered offering perks and benefits to your veterinary team? If you do, how would you categorize them when you think about recruiting new talent, rewarding your team based on what they can control, and retaining those that can change the culture or cause the practice profits to decline if they left? We spend time with you to understand and implement these plans.

Collaborate with Other Professionals
There are many financial decisions to make, and as your practice grows, there is the need for someone to handle your taxes, an attorney to create compensation agreements, insurance agents to sell you insurance, and the list goes on. When making decisions, each person needs to be aligned with your overall plan, and as we guide you, the goal is to bring these people on the same page.
Review, Update, and Adapt

Life changes. Your Reasons for Planning change. We need to proactively meet to review, discuss, and talk about what has happened but most importantly your plans for the coming 6 months to a year.

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