You’re at capacity. Every day you’re turning away patients because you don’t have the resources. You struggle with trying to fit in the cases that need help right now and the ones that can be seen later. Every day feels like you’re trying to get a bowling ball to go through a 2.5” PVC pipe. There’s not enough time to get everything done. There’s not enough room to meet the caseload.

You’re falling apart. And the problem isn’t you.

You want to take on more patients, but you can’t. Patients need care. And they need it now.

So, let’s think about how we can BUILD a wider PVC pipe!

Since you can’t take on more business because you have so much, it’s time to talk about EFFICIENCIES and/or EXPANSIONS!

Thinking like a business owner is critical in this scenario. Because it’s going to take any sort of combination of three precious resources you possess: 1) brain space, 2) time and 3) cash, to get you where you need to go.

Exploring efficiencies is the first place to start. Mostly because small things can make HUGE impacts in increasing the capability to handle more cases.

It’s all about the process. EXAMINE your process on how you take on patients.

Where can time be saved? What amount of time are you spending per case? Some veterinarians want to spend a lot of time with patients because they fear people are going to think that they don’t care. So, ask yourself if you’re comfortable with communicating to each person you meet that you “don’t want to rush them but are in an “unfun position” because there are so many pets that need help and you’re trying to get to as many as you can” but still care very deeply about theirs?

Who oversees each step along the process when a case is being worked on?

Are there redundancies in the way patients are handled?

Does the staff move cases efficiently through your process?

Are there costs that are unnecessary that can be reallocated?

EXPANDING your capacity(ies) starts with discovering WHAT capacities in your practice are MAXED OUT?

Do you have too few exam rooms?

Can it be solved by reorganizing your current facility?

Could you create more exam rooms?

Do you have too little space in your facilities where there is nowhere else to go, thus, the only option is to open another location nearby (or even an hour away? People will come to you if it means the alternative is no help at all!)

Do you have too few veterinarians?

Do you have too few vet techs?

Do you have too few front office staff?

After you ask yourself, WHAT capacity needs to be increased ask yourself WHO could help me do that?

When you hire people, you are buying time, thus buying REVENUE.

When you buy a building, you are paying for more room, thus buying REVENUE.

All roads should lead to more REVENUE and should be engineered on increasing the profits of the business, therefore expanding the reach of the practice to serve the community.

Investigate efficiencies and then turn your focus towards expansion opportunities.

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